Healthcare Recruitment

Providing Services For Growth

John Alex Consultants offers workforce consulting, staffing strategy, recruitment and development services to help employers create successful teams.  Our integrated recruitment process has been very successful with our healthcare and manufacturing clients and we have a 100% customer return rate to prove it!

Workforce Consulting

The John Alex Consultants team is trained to evaluate local and regional employment trends to identify where employers are missing the mark in being competitive in the marketplace.  This involves evaluating current staffing plans to identify options for savings and best practices.

Staffing Strategy & Development

John Alex Consultants can help employers develop staffing plans based on corporate goals, growth projections and employment trends.  This type of strategy puts an employer at an advantage by allowing more time to "recruit with a focus".


John Alex Consulting has access to databases with thousands of candidates ready for employment. We are continually reaching out for those looking for a team change.  This access to candidates enables us to start the recruitment process immediately after an employer partnership has begun. We can also create and coordinate recruitment events at a venue or via video conference. Our recruitment process of employer partnering, market consulting, behavioral assessments and a thorough vetting process ensures only the strongest candidates are presented.