Manufacturing Recruitment

Partner With John Alex Consultants Manufacturing Recruiters and Build A Strong Team

A manufacturers dream is the sound of employees on the floor seamlessly executing their job duties with precision, while engineers and the executive team successfully manage day to day operations.  All employees working together towards a common goal.  That is team work and the signature of a great team.  However, it takes more than massive hiring to build a great team and that is where we can help.  Let John Alex Consultants manufacturing recruiters help you build that team through a vetting process not only looking at credentials, but also taking into consideration candidate motivations, goals and values.

Our Healthcare Workforce Solution Include:

  • A single point of contact

  • Screening services

  • Background checks

  • Job description development

  • Onboarding support

  • Exit interviews

  • Contract staffing

  • Local and regional market evaluations

  • Extensive candidate network

  • 90 day JA delivery guarantee

  • Enterprise Recruitment Team specializing in global searches

Our Placement Capability Includes:

  • Executive level

  • Senior leadership (VP, AVP, Dir)

  • Engineers

  • Account managers

  • Sales

  • Diversity Staffing

  • Technicians

  • Line Supervisors

  • Division Manager

  • Assembly

  • QA/QC

  • Hazardous Materials

  • Shipping and Receiving

  • Line Worker

  • Safety

  • Picker

  • Logistics

  • Fork Lift Driver

  • Machine Operator

  • CNC Operator