Need: Local hospital had an ongoing need for cardiovascular operating room (CVOR) registered nurses. The Human Resources Director was challenged with finding local nurses to accept their positions. The facility wanted experienced (3-5 years) nurses that were locally based to avoid relocation fees.  

Task: Upon meeting with the hospital leaders,  local market competition and wage research made it apparent that there were some major factors that needed to be considered.  The hospital's wages were below market value and benefits were not comparable to the competitors. In addition, the local market presented a low number of nurses with the needed skill set.  

Solution: The details of our findings were presented to the client with a recommendation to review their compensation package.

Outcome:  The client made changes to their compensation package and offered incentives that offset other benefits. We expanded the search and successfully filled all five openings within a few months.


Need: Small community hospital approached John Alex Consultant for assistance to exclusively recruit registered nurses to grow and diversify their staff.  It was very important that the nurses were skilled and able to fit into the culture of the organization. They also wanted to ensure the nurses were satisfied working with various schedules until they were fully staffed.  

Task: John Alex Consultants met with the hospital’s department leaders to gain an understanding of the ideal fit based on each unit’s sub-cultures. 


Solution: Post meeting the consultant was able to comprise the various personality and character traits required to be successful.  

Outcome: The consultant met with our marketing leader and comprised a “go-to-market” strategy to identify, screen and determine best “fit” for the units based on the findings. We presented a diverse group of applicants and within a short period of time, John Alex Consultants filled several of the openings for ICU, ER and Med Surgery Units.   


Need: A local online pharmaceutical company expressed a need to grow their call center with 25 additional staff members.  

Task: They were seeking employees with prior medical experience and great customer service skills to work onsite within a market that was new to the company.  The existing HR department was located outside of the state.  John Alex Consultants met with the leaders and took on the task of identifying candidates that met the skillset in which the company was seeking.  

Solution: We partnered with the company to develop a basic skills assessment to test all candidates to make sure they met the requirements.  We focused on local medical trade programs in the area as a potential resource for applicants. Our marketing developed a targeted job advertisement for the area with a focus on recent medical trade school graduates in addition to experience personnel.  

Outcome: John Alex personnel screened the candidates and administered the assessment test. We successfully filled all 25 positions.


Need: A large manufacturing company was challenged with identifying skilled engineers to join their team.  The plant was rapidly growing and had a need to add five engineers to their 3rd shift.  The candidates required specific certifications and experience.  The company reached out to John Alex Consultants to assist with the search.  

Task: Our consultants met with the hiring manager to determine skills set requirements, education and overview of the plant.  

Solution: The consultant put together a strategy to target engineers within the surrounding area as well as neighboring counties. Candidates were screened based on skills, education and fit. We solicited passive candidates working in similar plants with the certifications needed and interest in progressing in their careers. 

Outcome: We successfully filled all five engineering openings with local candidates.