Nurse Recruitment

Finding Exceptional Nursing Talent is What We Do.

With John Alex Consulting, recruitment is but one small aspect of how we find the right nursing candidates. Our process combines employer partnering, market consulting, behavioral assessments and a thorough vetting process to ensure only the strongest candidates are presented.

Employer partnering is a requirement for John Alex Consultants to be successful.  As part of our process, our consultants meet with not only the HR team, but also the leads for the areas in which placement is needed. Ideally we visit the facility to talk face to face with managers.  This allows us to fully understand the culture of the unit, job requirements, challenges, and the intrinsic needs of the position. 


Barriers to success are sometimes not so obvious and require a deep dive.  That is why John Alex consultants are trained to evaluate overall recruitment efforts and perform a market analysis in terms of competition, salaries and more. Together, with the employer, our team will develop strategies to work through challenges by identifying options.

Candidate competency and quality is assessed by putting the candidate through our extensive vetting process.  This process includes a background check, behavioral assessment, and the standard work history, and credential verification process.

Our Placement Capabilty Includes:

  • Nursing Staff (CNO, RN, LPN)

  • Physicians (Primary Care, Specialists, Hospitalists)

  • C-Suite (CEO, COO, CMO) 

  • Diversity Staffing

  • Full time, part time, remote

  • Non-clinical and clinical healthcare placements

Employer partnering, market consulting, behavioral assessments and a strong vetting process have continued to make John Alex Consulting a small agency that provides services that deliver big. 


That's What We Do.