Healthcare Recruitment

Turning Healthcare Staffing Into Team Building

John Alex Consultants partner with healthcare organizations to build teams, not just hire staff.  Experience, skill set and work history evaluation is only the beginning of the vetting process.  Candidate values, long term career goals, crisis management and people skills are evaluated by our healthcare recruiters to ensure that the candidate will be a good fit.  Our main goal is to determine if the employer's corporate culture is one in which the candidate can be passionate about and thrive in.   This is how you build a strong team.

Having access to multiple databases, as well as our own in-house candidate contact list, gives us direct access to highly skilled healthcare professionals from all disciplines and levels.  In addition, our Enterprise Recruitment Team specializes in hard to fill, national and international candidate searches.    Whether you need a CNO or an entry level clinician, we deliver.

Our Healthcare Workforce Solution Includes:

  • A single point of contact

  • Screening services

  • Credentialing support

  • Background checks

  • Job description development

  • Onboarding support

  • Exit interviews

  • Local and regional market evaluations

  • Extensive candidate network

  • 90 day JA delivery guarantee

  • Enterprise Recruitment Team specializing in global searches

Our Placement Capabilty Includes:

  • Nursing Staff (CNO, RN, LPN)

  • Physicians (Primary Care, Specialists, Hospitalists)

  • C-Suite (CEO, COO, CMO) 

  • Diversity Staffing

  • Full time, part time, remote

  • Non-clinical and clinical healthcare placements


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